Critical Minerals

Critical Minerals

The global demand for critical minerals – from lithium to nickel to zinc to PGE’s to more exotic metals – and the manufactured products they go into continues to increase, especially given the acceleration in the shift to decarbonization.

Current forecasts show supply deficits if critical mineral production, processing and recycling are not ramped up. And more than ever in a volatile world, bringing the critical mineral supply chain home to North America is essential to U.S. and Canadian national security.

MAX Power is advancing 4 critical minerals-focused projects:
  1. Willcox Playa Lithium Project in southeast Arizona
  2. James Bay Project in the PMET Lithium Camp, Quebec
  3. Nunavik Project in Quebec’s far north
  4. Nicobat Project (Ni-Co-Zn-PGE’s) in Northern Ontario’s Rainy River District

Earlier this year MAX Power confirmed the discovery of widespread high-grade lithium in claystones in first-ever diamond drilling at the Willcox Playa.

Learn more about Willcox and MAX Power’s other critical mineral properties in the following presentation:

Critical Minerals Presentation

MAX Power shareholders are benefiting from the exciting upside potential of several projects focused on the discovery of critical minerals.

Willcox Playa Lithium Project

MAX Power’s land package at Willcox covers a 6-mile-long northeast-trending corridor (3,754 acres) along the eastern side of the broader 50 square mile playa. Much of the rest of the playa is leased by the U.S. Defense Department from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The entire playa, which up until MAX Power’s program had never been previously diamond drilled, is now believed to be prospective for a potentially very large lithium deposit surrounded by top tier infrastructure, including roads, rail, power and services located immediately off Interstate 10 in southeast Arizona, leading to Tucson and Phoenix.

MAX Power Makes High-Grade Lithium Discovery At Arizona’s Willcox Playa

A first in Arizona resource history – the Willcox Playa gets diamond drilled for the first time ever and MAX Power discovers high-grade lithium.

Willcox Playa Lithium Project

Willcox Playa Infogrphic Web Version

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