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A rapidly emerging lithium company targeting hard rock deposits, American brines, and disruptive technology.

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Why Lithium?

The Opportunity is NOW!

MAX Power Mining sees an incredible opportunity to take part in the growing demand for electric vehicles, mobile devices, and grid storage that is creating a long-term supply shortage and increasing lithium prices.

The US is All-In on Lithium

With the Biden Administration providing $3.16B USD in funding for lithium projects domestically, and investing $5B USD towards the EV charging network, the US is all in on the electrification of America. [1]

The World Needs More Mines

It is estimated that with the immense increase in battery metals demand, the world will need almost 400 new mines by 2035.[2]

[1] Benchmark Mineral Intelligence


MAX Power's first acquisition

The Willcox Playa

Willcox Playa is MAX Power’s newly acquired Lithium project located in Arizona

Investment Highlights

  • Willcox Playa, SE Arizona – Potential for lithium brine in Western U.S
  • Willcox Playa was used as a US Army Federal bombing range for many decades, making this region an underexplored and overlooked region for lithium
  • Mineral exploration permits, leased directly from the Arizona State Land Department
  • USGS has targeted the Willcox Playa for elevated potential for lithium concentration in brines
  • Excellent infrastructure with major highway and power lines near the Willcox Playa
Supply, demand, price image


Global lithium mining market is expected to grow from $3.33B in 2020 to $6.37B in 2030. 98% of the worlds lithium production occurs in Australia, Latin America and China.[1]


Lithium demand is set to rise from 500,000 tonnes of lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE) in 2021 to an estimated 3,000,000 – 4,000,000 tonnes by 2030, representing an over 300% increase within the decade.[2]



Lithium has risen from $6,000 per tonne to over $78,032 a tonne in 2022, representing a 13 times increase in less than two years.[3]



Worldwide EV sales are forecasted to increase from 6.5M units to 51M by 2030. Almost 400 new mines are needed to meet this demand by 2035. With over 80% of lithium ion battery production being in China and currently only one operating lithium mine in the United States, the US Department of Energy is making a $3.16B investment in lithium ion battery production domestically to secure the supply of the future.


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[3] Biden Administration Announces $3.16 Billion from Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to Boost Domestic Battery Manufacturing and Supply Chains

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